Emergency Power

I brought up this topic on a different net last weekend but wanted to see what everyone here has or any ideas some might have on emergency power for your shack.

I bought a small inverter generator several months back to keep just the shack going in case of a power outage during bad weather. I also have a larger generator to keep the refrigerator/freezers heat, tv, lights running. But if the power is out over a long period and its nation wide or just a large region of the area eventually my gas supply might run out. Then what?

I’ve been looking into solar a little bit lately and what all it would take. The house I live in now is a rental so whole home solar is out of the question. But a panel or two that could be propped up outside and a few batteries would be doable.

Any other ideas out there?

Well Hogville hams has these coming up over the next few months
9/28/20 6:30pm Firehouse#1 Springdale Understanding Home Solar Systems presentation
11/23/20 6:30pm Firehouse#1 Springdale Emergency Prepping presentation

You might check into their net (The NWA Linked Repeater System, 7:30 PM on Thurs.) to see if they are still having in person meetings.

I run a generator here at the shack. I manually have to roll it out but I plug it in, flip the power source flipover switch, and my shack (And garage deep-freezer) are on Generator.

At the repeater sites i’m on it’s a combo of none, generator,or UPS/Battery.

I think that the Hogville hams meetings have been cancelled.

Thank you all for the information.

I have 3 solar panel kits from Harbor freight connected together on my roof with the ability to add another kit, which is currently connected to my camper trailer. I had to get a higher capacity charge regulator because the Harbor Freight regulator that comes with the kit can only handle 2 kits. These are charging 2 six volt deep cycle golf cart batteries in series. At the moment I am only using this to power my weather station, my pc and my 2 meter radio. I have power from this system running to 2 bedrooms and the kitchen. When I bought the kits they were 45 watts each. I think now they do 100 watts.