Dxing Resources: Books

Thought I would mention some book tutorials here on how to get into DXing, as they pertain to recent discussions here on the forum.

This weekend The Memphis Free Fest had an online drawing of donated prizes they had collected for its cancelled hamfest. I bought some tickets to the event which was held live on W5KUB.com. Proceeds all went to the LeBonheur’s Children’s Hospital. Nope. Didn’t win. But it was for a great cause.

Some of the book prizes caught my attention. They were by Craig “Buck” K4IA, from his Easy Way Series of studying for the ham exams. There were two regarding DXing. I looked up the series on Amazon reviews, and they all get good reviews.

These were pertinent to what we’ve discussed recently:
“How to Get on HF”
“How to Chase, Work and Confirm DX”
“Prepper Communications”

I also saw that all of his series titles are available on Kindle Unlimited for free, and 3.99 to buy on Kindle.

There are several DXing guides out there by different hams. One that was given to me is AC6V’s DX101x, HF + Six Meters, DXing Reference Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to the World of HF DXing. It’s not something I’ve read through, but it is a good reference book.

If you know of other good book choices, please post here for others.


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