DXing over the FD weekend

Hope everyone had a great FD weekend. I did not participate in the Field Day festivities because of family obligations, but I had fun making some POTA and other contacts outside before FD started, and I picked up a few DX contacts through the weekend and after FD was over Sunday night. I was able to listen some and scanned the bands Sat. and Sun. afternoons briefly.

Someone was giving wrong time ending for FD Sunday afternoon, and I heard several stations quit early (around 1:00 pm CDT) because of that. It kind of opened up the 20m band, and I bet more people got through to some contacts after that. Actual ending time was about a minute before 4:00 pm (2059 UTC).

I hope the dust storm Saturday didn’t wreck havoc on anyone’s equipment. I was out at Gravette, and air quality was terrible out there.

I did pick up Malta Saturday evening on 17m/FT8. Sunday evening there were some excellent DX opportunities for the east coast as I tracked 5-6 VU (India) stations being worked on 20m/FT8. They finally got strong enough where I heard a station in NY (W2) give a signal report to one, and actually heard the VU station giving a RR73 to another east coast station. Then they disappeared. One day, when propagation is right, I will get through. New Zealand and eastern Australia were strong late in the evening, but western Australia stations didn’t appear to me. Still chasing them for another zone credit. I also heard T8 in Palau.

Saw my first erroneous spotting on DX Heat web cluster page. Someone had spotted K8RN in the north Mariana Islands on the lower CW portion of the extra class band. I went to see if I could hear it, and it was actually K9RN in IL! Talk about let down, hihi.

73 and good DXing!

Woke up at 4:30 this am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Checked out the bands on FT8 and picked up the Philippines (DU6) on old reliable 40m. One good DX catch a day keeps me happy :-).

Now back to house projects.