DXCC Award //////

Well I have 95 LOTW confirms and more than enough contacts to complete confirms for the award. Don’t know how it will shake out though, five more LOTW confirms quickly or trickle in. I have a card checker in Fort Smith I can send my QSL cards to to get scanned and submitted to ARRL. But ARRL HQ is not reviewing any new physical cards sent to HQ at the moment because of the shutdown in CT. They will honor the scanned card checked cards and application. So I may qualify in a few days or a few weeks. LOL.

It’s a fun award to pursue though and I urge everyone to make it a goal at some point. With the digital modes available now for the award, it is not quite as daunting with much less antenna required.

Get on HF and go for it!

73 es gud dxing

Today I picked up the Island of Jersey (not the state! LOL). Got the LOTW confirm on it already!
Also Madeira Archipelago Islands in between the storms! Pays to be quick and nimble, hihi.

One of the ADXA guys posted he got D2EB in Angola on CW. Nice catch!

Good day already after terribly slow conditions over the weekend for me. Sorta like real fishing. If you want to find the big DX fish, fish the weekdays!


I picked up Guantanomo Bay yesterday evening, KG4NE. He’s been on 40m looking to add more states. He was calling for MT but taking any calls.

On the air again this morning on 40m. Usually only on for brief periods.

Just patiently waiting (:-^) for the last remaining LOTW confirm. I am so obsessed! LOL

Continuing to pick up new stations: Borneo in Indonesia yesterday morning and Albania in the evening. Late last night I tried to work San Andreas Island in the Caribbean. He had a good signal but was very busy and not taking many NA calls.

I also wonder on a lot of European and Asian stations if they are plagued by high signal noise levels or if it is just QRM. Perhaps both.

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Indonesia came through for #100 this evening. I applied online for DXCC. ARRL is processing applications but not sending any certificates from HQ until the shutdown is over in CT.

So many hams have helped me along the way! 73 to all.

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Congrats on #100 :earth_americas: :base_station: :earth_asia: :tada:

(side note, we have some oddly specific emojis, nice work Jonathan :crazy_face:)

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Congrats Scott! All your DX posts are giving me the itch to get up to HF and talk to people. Just gotta upgrade my ticket and then spend money on HF gear…

Funny enough I only added like 10.

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Thanks, guys. Funny emojis!