DX Tip: How to Find Country Call Zone Prefixes

After you get one contact with a new country, then you want more. I been trying to contact every call prefix and zone in Canada. There are twenty-five. I have seven left. Recently, I started trying to get all Australian and New Zealand call zones. Some of them will be difficult, as there are fewer stations in some areas.

WSJT-X JTAlert software and International Call Zone web pages are not very useful or organized for “simply” finding all a country’s call zones.

A friend emailed last Friday night saying he had just work worked Chatham Is (ZL7DX), one of the New Zealand Island Groups. ZL7 had not been on my radar. So I am now on the look out for it and others.

Another case, Australia, has eight state/territory (VK+[number 1-8]) call sign prefixes, plus a VK9 prefix for six external territory call sign prefixes, each with a different first letter suffix. So here’s how to find those call signs easily.

Wikipedia! For example, search for “amateur radio [add country you want here] call signs” and voila, there’s:

I print off the chart and put them in my DX folder, checking off each prefix I log. I then have a handy reference sheet. In the case of Australia, I know I have VK1, VK2, VK4, VK5, VK7 (Tasmania), and VK9N (Norfolk Island)


Another tool is Ham Radio Maps. The Canadian prefix map is particularly useful.

73 and good Dxing

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