DX Spot - Ascension Island

I heard ZD8SC on 18.130 MHz (17 meters) this afternoon during the 4:00 p.m. hour. He was strong when I first heard him but the band was diminishing already. I tried to get through but there was quite the pileup. He’s a good operator! Be on the lookout for him.

73, Scott/KI5DJP

Update - 3/23/20 at 4:00 pm local. Just heard him on 14.074 FT8, but he posted he was going to 14.090 Fox/Hound. I’m not set up for fox and hound mode, so I’ll have to try to catch him otherwise again.

Sunday afternoon I connected with a station in Kenya but he never got my 73. Several stations active in Africa to watch for. They will more numerous as we get well into Spring.

73, Scott/KI5DJP

Thanks for posting these DX updates. It is fun hearing the connections people are making out there.

You are welcome, Greg. I’ll share as long as I have something to share :-). I did complete a call with Haiti this morning. HH2AA. Take a look at the antenna station they have on the mountain top there on QRZ. He was working stations in the Mediterranean and South Pacific while working the US too.

Picked up Steve, ZD8SC, this afternoon about 5:40 local time on 18.145. Shortly thereafter he was moving to 80m to try to make some contacts, but I never heard him. The gray line was not to the US yet. He prefers the 17m band so keep an eye out for him on SSB. He is working there on the island and may be there another couple of weeks.