DX Report July 23

Well, much of my DXing on FT8 the past few weeks has been incidental and some have been stations replying to my CQ. So that’s been fun.

Entities I’ve contacted have included: TG8 Guatemala, ZF Cayman Islands, YT, Serbia, VK7 Tasmania, Russia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. A lot of good contacts, but one’s I’ve already logged. All time new ones for me were Montenegro (4O) and Crete (SV9) on FT8 and Nicaragua (YN7) on SSB!

I did get a confirmation on E. Siberia (RA9) in CQ Zone 19, so I have 6 zones left to Worked All Zones. I regularly look for an opportunity for stations in Central Asia, W. Australia, and NE Africa. Those should be very doable for me under good conditions.

I also did try to chase Mali on CW, but I didn’t ever really get a copy on him. Also have been trying to hear a regular CW op from India on 7.004 but very faint so far.

Also picked up a couple of stations on FT8 in Hawaii and Alaska (also DX entities) that work CW on a regular basis, so I’ve been watching for them on CW as well.

My was antenna was down for a couple of days. A tree limb broke off and fell on the support line pulling it down and shooting the 55 lb movable anchor on one end into the woods! But I removed the limb, found the anchor, hosted it back up, and was back in business in a matter of minutes. I like my system. But I am thinking of putting up a resonant 20m dipole oriented about 45 degrees more NW to SE just to see what difference it makes.

Making good progress on WAS Triple Play also, and have less than 30 contacts and confirms to make on SSB and CW. I really like finding a weak CW station and staying with them and pulling them out of the noise. That is the most fun for me at the moment I think.

Getting more interested also in satellite communication, but I know nothing about it yet. Any tips or pointers or tutorials would be great. Thanks!

Hope everyone is finding some time to get on the air or setting goals to do so.

73 and good DXing,