DX Report from this Weekend 4/3/20

Thursday, I actually heard a VU station (India) on FT8 on 20m, maybe only the second time I’ve heard one. Friday, I contacted Israel on 17m just around noon. Unfortunately, he only uses eQSL, no LOTW and no direct or bureau QSL. So I’ll have to pickup another station for DXCC.

This Sunday afternoon I heard and tried to work CU in the Azores on 40m. A little later I picked up YN (Nicaragua), but it’s a remote station from the US. I will keep trying for a more legit station from there. I did get a callback from Israel this afternoon, but never got his RR73 before fading away. I also heard and tried to work FY (French Guiana). Made another unsuccessful attempt to contact the Azores station.

Saturday and Sunday, calling CQ, I picked up a bunch of FT8 contacts on 40m and 80m from the states. So some worthwhile listening and contacts.


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