DX Report for the First Week of May

On FT8: Since the 1st of May, I’ve picked up Liechtenstein, South Cook Island in the Pacific (been trying to get this station for months and found him when he was not very busy), Balearic Islands (archipelago of Spain in the western Mediterranean), South Borneo Island in Indonesia, and Dodecanese (part of a group of Greek islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea).

I also tried FT4 for the first time. It works essentially the same as FT8 but shorter exchange, the whole of it taking just 30 seconds. It’s pretty exciting. In this mode I picked up three locations I have worked before: Canary Islands, Guantanamo Bay, and Israel.

This morning early, about 4:00 a.m. I picked up Guam again on my new call sign, so I’ve had a great start to the month of May. Now I’m just waiting on my callsign to propagate through the databases, so I can set it up in LOTW.

Also, I’m enjoying learning and relearning world geography. It is interesting to look at the DX listing in LOTW award credits, which lists “deleted entities,” because it is something of a catalog of the rise and fall of nations in just the past few generations.

Have fun, 73, and Good DXing