DX Report for September 2020

Busy month for me on the radio chasing DX and awards.

Overall, we’ve had some good conditions and opportunities most days. The bands have shifted with less activity on 20m and 17m at night. Dxing has become more feasible on 80m at night now. So typical fall winter scenario with DX on 80 and 40 at night. 20m, 17, and 15 through the day. 10m is highly sporadic. One can wait a long time for a station to pop up strong and then it fades out within a minute or two. QSB has been strong at times even for FT8, which requires quicker timing to pick up contacts. I’ve been doing FT4 at times on 20m and even some on 40m now.

I’ve added a lot of band counters for DX in Europe, Caribbean and South American countries.

Here’s some highlights. Added to bands:

FS St. Martin (40m)
P41 Aruba (17m)
VK6 Australia (80, 20m)
XQ Chile (80, 15, 17m)
SV Greece (40, 20m)
5B Cyprus (20m)
6Y Jamaica (80m)
OX Greenland (40, 20m)
GJ0 Jersey (20, 17m)
VP8 Falkland Is (40m)

I now have a few DX for multiple bands:
VE Canada (80, 40, 20, 17 ,15, 12, and 10m))
J69 St. Lucia (80, 40, 20, 17 ,15, 12, and 10m)
OA9 Peru (80, 40, 20, 17, and 15m)

Added a bunch of new stations to different bands from:

New DX modes:
Added Croatia on SSB
Added Haiti on SSB
Added Canada on CW

All Time New Ones (ATNO):
CE0 Easter Island
T7 San Marino
JD Ogasawara (3:15 AM in the morning!)
TO St. Barthelmy (80 and 17m)
FR Reunion Is. (NEW CQ ZONE)

Have also added several SSB contacts here in the states towards Triple Play.
Worked a few W6x stations (Route 66 NM and OK on SSB and CW towards Triple Play)
Also NI6IW USS Midway SES (SSB)

Reoriented my G5RV antenna from SW-NE to NW-SE. Can’t tell a lot of difference but it is up slightly higher which always helps.

Hope to close in on finishing Triple Play this winter. Also hope to be close to finishing Five Band WAS when 10m becomes alive again, perhaps not until next spring.

Having fun. 73

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Very nicely done Scott, great lay out of your report. Good highlights and wonderful locations. I had to Google up some, to see the reality on the map. Inspirational, speaks volumes when viewed in contrast with your modest station. Well done Sir, always a joy to get your updates… Cheers Bro.

Thanks, Shane. Definitely one of the things I love about DXing is the geography and digital modes are a real blessing to those with modest stations.