DX Report for June 24

New stations the past week and a half include: S. Korea, E. Malaysia, and Ceuta and Melilla (Spanish city state in N. Africa). I also picked up French Guiana again.

This is the time of year to pick up a lot of POTA stations as hams are vacationing far and wide. I am making good headway on WAS Triple Play picking up remaining SSB and CW contacts for the 50 states.

I am also tracking Worked All Zones entities and have six zones left to pickup. Three of those very possible: southeastern Asia, central Asia, and western Australia. I just have to find a good window for one station in each zone.

The three remaining will be hard and more illusive: southern Asia, northeastern Africa, and Madagascar zone.

Hoping there may also be some DXpeditions activity this fall.

73 and Good DXing

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