DX Report for June 14, 2020

The first of last week was a dry period for me with a lot of static in the bands and not much good new DX. Friday came alive a little and I contacted another Bonaire station (PJ4). Shortly after, I picked up St. Martin (FS4). This is on the French side of the island. Sint Marteen being the southerly half of the island which is a constituent country of the Netherlands, which I already had. His signal was very strong on FT8, plus 18!

On Saturday evening I got Moldova (ER) and Crimea (Russia, R7). The signal from Moldova was again the strongest I had seen and resulted in a completed call after earlier failed attempts this spring.

This morning early, before 9:00, I was surprised to have a China station (in Hunan, BD7) come back to me–finally an Asian station and a new zone! Some of the longtime DX hams in the area that gave me some feedback said they were a ham for fifty years before they contacted or, in some cases, even knew there were China stations to be contacted. FT8 and digital modes present truly amazing opportunities for hams, even new hams with compromised antennas!

Very happy with the DXing this weekend, and I am looking forward to chasing DX in the Extra Class frequencies now too!

73 and good DXing!

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