DX Opportunities

Have seen some pretty good opportunities this month. Stations I’ve heard and continue to watch for my opportunity to contact are:

  • PJ7TM SSB 20m in St. Martin
  • 9X2AW FT8 17m in Rwanda
  • V51MA FT8 17m in Namibia
  • MP7DX SSB 20m in Guernsey
  • LA1WR SSB 20m in Bulgaria
  • NP2KW FT8 20m US Virgin Islands
  • DE5KE CW 40m in Austria
  • JT1BV FT8 20m in Mongolia
    (All in the General sections of the bands)

Yesterday, I made a list of DX entities and beginning call letters in Central and South America I still need. They were:
Peru OA-OC, 4T
Guyana 8R
Suriname PZ
French Guiana FY
Nicaragua YN

Last night I heard Peru and picked up OA9DVK. His QRZ page has some interesting details. He and his wife decided to shelter in a small villiage in the Amazon for the next month. He’s connected through Win-link and working digital only. His signal came up strong late in the evening, and we made a successful contact. He logged me on LOTW within the hour! Pretty amazing considering his location. OA9 is also something of a rare call region for Peru. Apparently not many hams there.

I heard a station in Utah (KB7OUU) contacting several JA stations on March 13th on 20m in the afternoon. A good way to hear those “locals” working DX even if you don’t have a set is on websdr.org. I like the Corrine Idaho site, and I’ve heard a number of Arkansas stations on it.

So whatever you enjoy doing on the radio, keep your ears on. Lots of good stuff to be heard.

73, Scott/KI5DJP

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That’s awesome, and highlights my need for a General ticket.

March has been amazing for me. I’ve picked up 12 or 13 new DX contacts–mostly FT8 but some SSB also. My setup is fairly simple: 100 watts and a wire. I use a SignaLink for the USB interface for digital.

Go for it!

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