DX on 40 and 80 Meters

I was noticing I almost have WAS for 80m. Just need ten states I think. Also fewer needed for a 40m and 20m award.

But for DXCC I only have three DX contacts for 80m: Belize, Mexico, and Spain. Last night I listened a while and a good wave of DX stations were working FT8 80m. I picked up Cuba, Costa Rica and Ecuador. The band is not known much for DXing but has opportunities from time to time. Paying more attention now :-).

Finally setup JTAlert for DXCC and WAS on individual bands for 80 and 40m.

Had to get up early this morning, and scanning 40m, I started getting alerts like crazy. Made 10 new contacts for the band in a little over an hour: YV, PJ4, HP (2x), 8P, CX, CO, J73, XE, and HC. All are on LOTW, and seven of them had confirmed LOTW by noon. Those will up my DXCC contacts to 50 on 40m. Have an idea now of which contacts I need to make on the “Five Bands” (80, 40, 20, 15, 10).

Pretty crazy DX. Also tried to contact ZL, VR, VK6.

Scott, You have and addiction. Currently the Mental Health services in America are not addressing Ham radio issues as they should be. It may take years before your ailment is fully recognized by the psychological science community. Trust me as I say, we are here for you, BCRO understands what you may be experiencing… Imagine this, Hello my name is Scott Branyon I am a DX addict. Now the support group responds with applause. Yes indeed, I hope someday that support group includes many of us from BCRO, like myself, Jonathan, Greg Young, and many more. We will rejoice in your honesty and commitment to recovery… ( weak but heartfelt comedic response to your always great posting )

That YouTube clip, is a fine analogy. I see a DX chaser willing to die from exhaustion in pursuit of something of little reward. There was not even a dog biscuit attached to that RC car. The dog was running on pure emotional satisfaction, maybe like Scott Branyon. If I missed the analogy, forgive me. The beauty of it is, the dog can’t even share the story of the chase on a Forum of friends. Many of us look forward to finding the same joy as Scott and that Pup.