DX Newsletter Links

State DX associations provide up-to-date notices of DX opportunities to their members. I just joined the Arkansas DX Association and look forward to their newsletter.

Many hams publish their own DX newsletters, usually on a subscription basis.

One that is open to all is the ARRL W1AW DX Bulletins. I print off each week’s newsletter and highlight upcoming stations I still need and keep it by my radio.

If you are into DXing, please post any favorite DX newsletter link you like.

73 and GL

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Scott, I am nearly certain our BCRO club has DX enthusiasts that share your passion and may soon form a great little knowledge share experience within the club. Here is the big point : BCRO has a bunch of folks ready to break into HF at any moment, Shane being one of many. This excitement and dedication you are showing has me thinking about an " in the shack, on sight, operating class / demonstration " to help get us new folks into HF with the proper spirit to truly catch the DX addiction. When the invisible enemy leaves the neighborhood, you can bet, Jonathan, Greg Young, Dennis Lightbourn, Ryan McGuffin, Shane, just to name a few, we want in on what you are doing and a class, with periodic meet ups could be quite fun… W5ZQI thinking out loud.

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Thanks for the comments, Shane!

I had a more general presentation scheduled for the club meeting this month, until recent events dictated otherwise :-(. But I hope to continue to post here on DX topics in the meantime.

Still want to do that presentation when we resume face to face meetings, because it has a lot to with my experience in getting into chasing DX. I think it might stir up some interest among the newer hams.

After that we’ll see what develops…video tutorials might be a way to go too.


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