DX #100 - What will it be?

The 10 and 6m bands have been very good this week. I picked up French Polynesia Tuesday night on 28MHz. Last night I tried to worked Figi and the Cook Islands, but no joy. I did pick up #99 (Bulgaria). Tried to work him on 20m off and on all day and then about supper time, he was easy.

So what country will #100 be? Hard to say.

I have about 17-18 non-LOTW contact QSLs in the works, but with the current situation I may not get them for months. Some of the Club Log stations I ordered QSLs from have said they have them ready to go but postal services are having trouble with transportation, and there are no outbound services at the moment. One DX station is still stuck on his island and can’t get home. So I may have to pick up 20 more countries that do LOTW to put me over the top for DXCC.

Will continue to look for contacts. There are still plenty of Pacific, Caribbean, and EU contacts to make. I just have to catch them with favorable band conditions. When I do, they come easy. I’ve heard Grenada the past couple of days, but he was working JA stations. I called him once after he had called JA for a dozen times. No response. Then another US called and called and called him and he went off the air. Guess he’s worked every imaginable US contact and that’s not his thing at the moment.

I find that if a DX station is calling another DX station and not getting a response, wait about a dozen calls and then give him a ping. If he is willing, he usually stops for a few seconds, hopefully listening, and then will call CQ. That’s when you call him again and he comes back to you. If he continues to call the other station, wait until he gives up. Stations that try to interrupt a DX station constantly calling, usually get ignored, or force him off the air. Been there, done that. Remember to be respectful.

The FT8 traffic on the bands has been horrendous at times. It means a lot of QRM that interferes with trying to pick up DX. But that’s the game.

Listen to the 10 and 6m bands here this week. The traffic has been been very good. It’s a good time to work new and hard to work states on SSB for a Worked All States award.

I still remember my 50th state–Hawaii. I kept looking for a LOTW station. I had no joy. Then I worked a guy there whose name was Patrick Joy, so I had literal Joy that evening, hihi.

Get thee on the bands,


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#100 is: FIGI

Direct QSL, but no mail service there at the moment. LOL

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Congrats on #100! :speaking_head::base_station: :100:

Thank you, Greg! Still working for more confirms for the award. If all the QSLs came through on time, I’d be golden, hihi.


Are you getting some via cards? Do they still have to check them in person?

Hi, Wayne. Yes and yes. I’m up to 84 LOTW. Have four more pending. Then the rest in cards. Three of which I have, the others are in process somewhere in the world–most of them likely held up by the postal suspensions.

I just joined ADXA. I understand that they can confirm the cards at a meeting–if we ever have a meeting again,–or I’ll have to send them in to ARRL. In the latter case, there is a chance they may not get returned according to some of the ADXA members I’ve talked to.

Complicated process. LOL

Until you get card process figures out, I would keep plugging way with LOTW . . That might win out!

Doing so as we speak. Paul Dixon helped walk me through the process of using Fox and Hound in FT8. I picked up Chad and Gabon back-to-back while talking on the phone with him.

I feel like Alice dropping down the rabbit hole, or the kids of Narnia stepping through the wardrobe.

Screenshot (23)

Weird how the Fox takes over control of your computer and radio and completes the call. I can see why the DXpeditions like it. But I still like manual FT8 the best.


What kind of antenna are you using?

Using a G5RV in a dipole config, Wayne, up about 40 feet. Yard is sloped, so it’s probably 30 feet on one end and 50 or more on the other. It’s done well for me.