Do you log your contacts, if so what are your paramaters?

In regards to logging, I know most operators log mostly HF contacts. Regarding operating modes like DMR, Allstar, Echolink, etc; does anyone here actively log contacts in those modes of operation?

Personally I don’t think I would ever use a contact log for anything on 2m up which would exclude most if not all of the aforementioned modes.

I log HF . . nothing on repeaters . . I also have not done 2m SSB or anything like that yet. When I start making satellite contacts, those will get logged as well. Those can be tracked through LOTW and I believe there are ARRL certificates available, not sure on that yet.


Anywhere that your contact logging could benefit the party in which you are communicating with regarding awards or documented accomplishments like maybe collecting Ten Ten member numbers should always be a consideration. Kindness, International Goodwill and just plain old good operating practices. Remember even on 2 meters there are weak signal chasers and rovers looking to build their portfolio. LOTW if you can, no man is an island.