Dit Dit Podcast and CW Traffic Nets

Finally was able to check out Dit Dit Podcasts. Really excellent resource on operating CW.

This episode is one I am sure you will find interesting. Be sure to listen to the comments at the end after the interview. Great podcast to hear even if you are not pursuing CW at the moment. Some good history and stresses the importance of public service in ham radio.

I like that podcast but didn’t heat the end of that one . . I’ll go back and check it out again.

Starts about 42:30. Talks about the nets relevance and reliability today in times of disaster.

I think I understand what traffic nets were/are in the past. I am curious if they are actually used today in any other capacity then an exercise or an excuse to operate. I suppose I should listen to the whole episode :slight_smile:

They argue CW Traffic Nets in particular are a very relevant and reliable means of communication especially during large scale disasters where there is more damage to infrastructure. Carl gave an example during Katrina, and the host cites a number interesting statistics on the effectiveness of CW message relay and gave an example from TS Marie. His comments are in the segment after the interview I mentioned. The coverage of the nets is designed to be nationwide and timely.

Here’s the ARRL link to the National Traffic System page:

ARRL NTS Powerpoint Presentation

When I joined FISTS I received my first radiogram. I think that might have been sent through the system. Pretty interesting and fun.

Yeah, listen to the podcast. I’m interested in your thoughts on it.