My new callsign has been issued. It rocks and rolls in code, hihi.

73, Scott/W5AAJ


Congratulations on a fine new call sign. Actually the congratulations are for making the decision and pulling the trigger. Decisions of this type are challenging for mature adults, no need to elaborate. I let someone else pick my vanity call, I was unable to mentally close the deal. Your new call is visually appealing and quite verbally enjoyable with the nice Alpha Alpha Juliet. CW it’s an obvious winner. You have my approval.

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You made my day, Shane. Any time I can get approval from a mature adult, it’s a winner, winner …


Thanks and 73

Getting good use out of the new callsign on digital modes. Last night I answered 7 calls in five minutes on FT4, from coastal Spain (EC1), one from HI (Dominican Republic), Ontario (VA3), and one each from 0, 3, 5, and 6 zones in the states. It was quiet exciting–around North American, the Atlantic and Caribbean quicker than you could toast bread and spread peanut butter on it.

This morning, I used my call for the first time on SSB on 20m and it was like I’d never called CQ before. Had to write it down to have it in front of me, even though I’ve been practicing it on CW. Felt like the first time I’d gotten on the radio with my first callsign. Pretty funny.

I called a POTA station in a state forest in Virginia and the VA Hospital Amateur Radio Club in Loma Linda, CA–coast to coast with me in the middle :-).

My LOTW WAS award was mixed, but I have all 50 states on digital now, and need 30 more phone contacts and 49 CW ones for Triple Play Award. Working towards that the rest of this year. I enjoy the POTA contacts and SES stations the most. Never will be a ragchewer, except maybe here on the forum. LOL