BCRO April Meeting is canceled at the Library

The RPL is closed due to COVID-19. I think this is a good plan. I know a lot of members including myself is in a high-risk group. I really don’t expect the RPL to be open for May either.

The US has the fastest growth worldwide of new cases. Doubling in less than 2 1/2 days.

Infection Trajectory: See Which Countries are Flattening Their COVID-19 Curve

Do we want to try to have the April meeting on Zoom or as a net?

I think a net/alternative method is a fantastic idea! But I’ll let other speak into it.

I would be happy to join either option to stay in contact.

There are pros and cons to each. If we were to hold the meeting via Zoom, or something similar, we could potentially have a presenter and actually cover a topic of interest. IF we decide to hold a net it would be a great opportunity for everyone to check in and update the group on how they are doing while keeping things very casual.

:desktop_computer:I’m not sure how Zoom works, I could google it and figure it out lol. We might be able to operate Zoom from Alan’s computer, it has a camera. I’m told that my computer does not have camera. The net is good with me. :grinning: Let us know what yal decide. :smile_cat:

Zoom is very easy to use. That is one reason it has become so popular during this time. Not pushing for that, but just reassuring every that we can make it work if we decide to.

I will be committed to any method that becomes preferred. For the members outside leadership, my personal preference is on the radio via nets, just as a good way to stay connected if the current situation (health safety issue) continues.


Radio Club right? While I have been home like the rest of you . . we should use the repeater more.


lots of dead air on local repeaters lately…

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True! We shouldn’t need to make excuses to get on the air, but this would be a good one.

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Well, if we are going to have the meeting on Zoom, I’ll have to go to the beauty parlor and have my hair done (giggle). Let us know how we are going to do this!


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Then head for the beauty parlor. :wink:

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Just a reminder that video is not a requirement for these online meetings. I personally do not currently have a camera connected anyway. Feel free to join with video though as it is always good to put a face with a call sign.

Very good point. In fact if you have a slow connect, a face like mine, or satellite connection you are better off not using a camera.