Anyone using a WX3in1 for APRS

I have been wanting to get back into packet for a long time. ‘Why?’ you ask, honestly I don’t know. I got a little involved with it back in 1997 using a HTX-202 and a KPC3. Fast forward a gajillion years and here I am trying to learn it all over again. I swear, it’s more complex than it used to be.

I am using a WX3in1 and I am wondering if anyone in the NWA area is also using one that can send me some screenshots of digipeater path rules. Anyone? Or if you are not using that device, if you know of a straightforward document with best practices for path rules, that’d be great too.

Mesi and 73,

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You said “packet” but headlined APRS. Which is it? NW5AR might be one to ask. He has had a 3in1 set up as a I-Gate since like 2016. For packet I’d recommend you send KF5JRV an email. He hasn’t messed with a WX3in1 but definitely knows his way around a TNC.

Thanks! Actually, I’m trying to configure the WX3in1 for APRS and I have two NinoTNCs that I am about to build for packet.

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Awesome! KF5JRV and I are working on biuld a UHF packet network here in NWA. I have most the hardware built and we are trying to figure out the TNC situation. We also have a 2 meter port on 145.010.