Antenna launcher

I am working on changing the orientation of my g5rv antenna. I recall seeing an air gun launcher used on field day. Does anyone know where one is that I can use or could someone come to my house so I can shoot a wire high in a tree? I have one end attached to my tower but want the other end supported by a tree. I live between Pea Ridge and Rogers.

Hey, Van. I sent you a message.

Van, I certainly do not have a launcher. Although I believe our esteemed Vice President Alan Katz may have one. I am nearly certain that there are BCRO members with launchers. I hope someones steps up and helps you out.

Hi Van,

I have one that you are welcome to use. Of course it will cost you, I need help putting up a dipole soon.


Please allow me to comment on how this particular thread is exactly why the BCRO community forum should be part of all members Amateur Radio adventure. Get in here participate, help your friends, share your experience, look for assistance, offer assistance, and enjoy the kindness and encouragement. Good Grief Charlie Brown are you so deep in your DX or your tomato garden that you can’t find time for the community forum. This thread is exemplary of why this forum was created. Cheers to all that may benefit from this website. Jonathan George Thank You Sir. I Love my radio friends, If they are not on the forum how can I share the Love…

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Thank you Scott for coming helping me with my antenna today. I can now get Florida and the west coast states. I heard some new areas already. I was receiving east and west coasts and will try more tonight. I heard California, Washing state and Oregon on the West side. I heard New York and Connecticut too. Maybe I can get the last 5 states I need for Worked all states soon.

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My pleasure, Van. You’ll have your WAS in no time! 73 and GL!

I have an airgun and a slingshot that you can borrow
paul blomgren
2703 kathy ln rogers