Another learning approach

Well, I’m to the point where I want to be, getting better with CW. My main first year goals have been achieved with ham radio: on HF/VHF/UHF, worked all states, DXCC, passed Extra, and have begun to learn Morse Code and make contacts. Now it’s time to concentrate on improving my Morse speed.

As an experiment and to judge where I actually am, I devised a copy drill using Morse Code Translator and the Bible. I copied the first chapter of Romans from the New Testament into the translator, set the pitch to 500, character speed to 20 and Farnsworth to 2 words per minute. Then downloaded the soundfile and saved to my desktop.

So I listened for 20 minutes and got through the first two verses of Romans 1. LOL

But I’d say I got 90% copy :-). I wrote the correct letter and diagrammed the correct spacing above the letters if I missed something. Interesting exercise and I plan using it daily for a while. It provides familiar content and enough easy common words and punctuation to help me learn those well, and relaxes the mind during the easy stuff which allows me to concentrate on the more difficult words and phrases.

With the character speed of 20 and the spacing of 2 words per minute, that about where I am realistically.

Having fun. 73

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There is an article in the May '18 Solid Copy newsletter about converting ebooks to audio CW files.

Ha! Thanks for the link, Wayne. The software looks great. I’ve seen someone uploaded an Mp3 file of Moby Dick in code somewhere, perhaps on YouTube. Might be overachieving in my case :-).

I found some cw audio books somewhere on the net a while back and harvested them. I have:

War of the Worlds - 25 WPM, 40 WPM (1 of each speed)
Time Machine - 20 WPM
Robinson Crusoe - 30 WPM
Desert Gold - 35 WPM
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz - 20 WPM, 45 WPM (1 of each speed)
War of the Worlds (SKCC version) Increasing 1 WPM per chapter.
Book One, Chapter 1 starts at 10 WPM and each chapter goes up 1 WPM with Book Two, Final Chapter at 35 WPM.

Also the K7QO Code course also has War of Worlds on it.

If you would like any of these let me know and I can get them to you.

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Chapter one took five hours total. LOL. Now into Romans 2 at 3 WPM. Still seems easy. When I get to five words a minute, I’ll listen to the Gordon West practice tapes I’ve got and never finished. Good to switch things around some, but I really like listening to the Bible in Morse. Familiar yet challenging, especially if you use a translation you are not as familiar with–like ESV for me or NET or Phillips. Killings two birds with one stone: practicing Morse and having devotions at the same time.