Annual Field Day 2020 Thank you!

June 29, 2020

Alan Katz - KE0QFO - BCRO Vice President

Sheila Katz – K0ETA - BCRO Treasurer

Dear Benton County Radio Operators and guest:

The Annual Amateur Radio Field Day 2020, we held here on 6/26, 6/27 and 6/28, turned out very well. There was plenty room here at the location to accommodate for social distancing, and the weather even though a little warm, was accommodating in the fact that we had a nice breeze going on throughout the day. It was nice getting out and enjoying the weather and each other’s camaraderie and operating at our radio stations.

Friday evening there were grilled hot dogs, provided by Bill Dean (AC0QU). Saturday morning started off with homemade tamales and breakfast burritos, provided by Shane Fitzmaurice (W5ZQI), and these tamales and burritos were also enjoyed for breakfast Sunday morning. Saturday afternoon, we grilled chicken donated by Glenn Kilpatrick (WB5L), thank you Glenn. We also had grilled corn on the cob, with side dishes of three types of potato salads, (Loaded, Amish and Regular). There were chips, cookies, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter crispy bites, homemade fudge brownies, fruit, fruit pizza, soda, water, coffee, and honestly, the list of goodies seemed never ending, so my apologies, if I have missed mentioning some dishes. A big thanks goes out to you all for all the yummy goodies you brought, and for attending, participating, and making this event fun and successful.

Shane, a big thank you goes out to you for all the work, you put into this, we can see you have an eye for details with all the planning and organizing you’ve done with this event. You are awesome and have made this event a success!

A big thank you goes out to our fellow radio operators and guest. There were several stations that were set up. Each of you helped established what this event is truly for, with your operating stations, to reach out and contact other participating radio operators. I heard Bill Dean (AC0QU), say that he made a contact out as far as Washington state.

We were glad to see this event continue and take place, even if it was on a smaller scale. We all need to know that we can be that person who can function in a field setup such at this, in times of any emergencies that may arise. We could be the ones that make a difference in a time of need.

Picture courtesy of Kevin White - (KG7LSD), Thank you Kevin for your participation and beautiful images taken. Your van mobile setup was impressive to see, great setup.


@Skatz thank you gain for having us, and thank you for naming some more names of those that helped make this a success. I am excited for what this club has ahead of it as things return to normal, hopefully soon!


Sheila, the hospitality and kindness that yourself and Alan shared with BCRO is above my ability to express the proper thanks and appreciation. I know that all who attended Field Day enjoyed it. New friends were made by all. Was it a typical Field Day ? I would not know. Was it great fun ? Yes indeed it was. By my best reasoning, I would say any party at the paradise place you live is going to be enjoyable, just add the great people that BCRO has, and you have a memorable event…

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