Aditional communication/activity avenues

I hope everyone is enjoying their quarantine time (as much as you can :laughing:), and thought this might be a good opportunity to start a discussion around some additional activities that we might be able to participate in. If you haven’t yet, make sure and check out @wa1gon’s post regarding alternative meeting options that we might utilize for our club meetings going forward.

What are some additional avenues or activities that everyone would like to participate in while we are all stuck at home? I’m currently working on revitalizing our social media presence and we might be able to utilize Facebook/Twitter more in the future. I’ve contemplated looking down the YouTube avenue to record and post our montly meetings, but also try and get some radio related contenat out as well. These are just some of my thoughts but I want to know what everyone else thinks.

Avenues and activities to occupy and entertain us while our community faces an extraordinary slow down and never before experienced challenges. Wonderful opportunity to see how an amateur radio club will endure and adapt. I will start by saying we should be actively communicating on local FM, for the fellowship and the chance to lend helping hands to our friends, ( grocery deliveries, Home Depot, Lowes trip, the gift of toilet paper ) some may be shy to ask assistance and they should not. As for Jonathan George, I will get on board with whatever ideas transpire. At present, I must admit I am baffled and sadly without a direct inspirational response to his posting. It is uncharted territory for myself, although I am ready to follow a leader… Let’s see what unfolds… 73

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Totally agree with you Shane. I’ve been trying to monitor the Link System as I can while working from home. If someone needs something and doesn’t immediately have someone to assist, please do not hesitate to put it on the air. That is what it is for. Radio is for supporting each other and our communities so lets put it to use!

As for the other avenues we could be looking into. I like the idea of getting the Facebook and potentially a Twitter account updated and active. YouTube is a great resource for HAM learning, and it would be beneficial for BCRO to start considering that option, and how we might use it.