A few more CW contacts

Three nights in a row with a CW contact, on the straight key. I am trying to work other SKCC stations. Working on their award(s) will give me something to shoot for so to speak. Only 96 more contacts to go to get the first award! LOL . . . That’s gonna take a minute or two. . . .

Scott: How is your CW going?

Anyone else learning CW?


That’s great, Wayne!

I’m trying to listen some everyday, at least 20 minutes or so. A lot of band fading, so when I have a station I’ve found in the afternoon, by the time I’m ready to work, it is often too weak to contact and often does not come back. Strike while the iron is hot! Been watching on the upper bands for opportunities later in the afternoon and checking 20 and 40m as staples throughout the day.

Found one station on 6m working 3w. He was lonely and I was about to make contact. Then I realized it had a /B in its callsign–a beacon! LOLOL. Would not have been a very satisfying contact. Love telling on myself, hihi.