20m dipole project

I had a fun afternoon putting together a 20m dipole getting ready for my new rig to arrive.

Using some spare wire, rg8, pl239, insulators, and a lot of patience, I was able to get down to 1.5 SWR on my MFJ tester at 14.300 Mhz.

The resistance shows 30 Ohms so I’m wondering /guessing may still need to shorten it up another inch or so from each end.

I plan on mounting it on a spare 20 foot piece of PVC pipe in my small backyard, set up as an inverted V. The elements will run east to west, so I guess when I actually use it, it will radiate north/south? There’s not a whole lot of free space so we’ll see how effective it really can be.

I don’t have a tuner at the moment, but from what I’ve been reading, getting the SWR down to 1 and 50 ohm resistance will allow me to use the antenna as is.

It was fun for sure, but the best is yet to come I hope!


Roger, It appears you got some forward momentum as you get ready to get on HF. I am not an Elmer and have no dipole advice, just a comment on the fun with radio and electronics. Any time I had hobbies that required tinkering and creativity everything was always dirty, greasy, heavy, stinky, and more. This radio thing is so clean and mostly indoors. That’s why you had a satisfying day of dipole joy. It’s a clean and wonderful hobby. Keep up the home brewing and keep us informed on developments. Cheers Bro…

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The dipole is up & the IC-718 is on my desk! As soon as I fired it up today I heard a POTA contact, threw my call out and he heard me!

It may not have been perfect, he mentioned it sounded like I was off frequency, but he got me in his log book. It was for park # K-6550, south of Paris, TX.

Pretty exciting right off the bat!


Very nice Roger, sure enough, you are on your way. That residential neighborhood in the photo will be a test of your ingenuity. My guess is they will not appreciate a giant tower with a flashing light on the top. You will be devising all kinds of stealthy creations to get that signal out to the world. Actually, it will be great fun conjuring up good results from a situation as this. Share your adventures with us as they develop. Read your new radio’s owners manual, it may be a dry read but it will pay off… Cheers Bro.

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That’s awesome, Roger, and very creative.

Good luck with it!!!

Is it oriented E-W?

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Thanks! And yes, east to west.

Although I think it’s not really transmitting to well, so I may play with the height/ angles of the inverted V.

Folks I call out to can barely make me out, and I’m not having much luck calling CQ, but 20m was certainly active tonight.

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Definitely worth experimenting on setup. Those tall roof lines around you will influence things too. Would be good to get it higher if possible or slope the inverted v at a pretty good angle perhaps–if possible.

Good luck!

PS. Might be worth trying N-S in a steep inverted v given the lay of the roofs.