2020 Radio Club Challenges & Struggles

Even under strange circumstances BCRO has four new members signed on for 2020. We have met them and we are proud to have them with us during what will be a difficult year for Radio Club activity. During the duration of what is left of 2020, I can not stress enough the importance of staying connected. This Forum as a Command Post & Headquarters of ideas, radio tech help and kind encouragement. Please contribute, any topic, for any reason keeps us close and building friendships within BCRO. The Thursday Night Net is essential to us and our gear insuring we remain on the radio, even just a count only check in, tells your friends you are well and your radio still works. As for activities for BCRO, the mystery will remain. I would encourage us to post ideas to entertain the possibilities. Please see the Postings of Scott Branyan, he has been the perfect example of using this Forum to inspire and share ideas to stay involved. He has encouraged license upgrading, home brew projects, learning resources, and the magic of DX and radio awards. This type of enthusiasm is essential to our BCRO overall health. Let’s not get discouraged. Trust me, old Shane has lots of discouraging days, although his radio friends are always there to revive him. 73


If someone is planning on hosting a July Club meeting over Zoom or something, it might be good to get that posted soon . . . So we have plenty of notice.

Agreed. Even though I don’t have my license yet I listen to all the Nets to hit the ground running. It is disappointing when some of the great folks I met last week aren’t on or participating on the forums. The amount of knowledge that some of you have is extremely valuable to a dumb a$$ like me (when it comes to ham radio).
I was thinking of putting together a podcast where I interview a lot of you veterans on topics of your choosing. That way there would be a forever archive of knowledge to lure people into involvement. What I lack in ham knowledge I more than make up for in social media knowledge and gadgets. I have portable mics, mixing boards etc that can be used for this and since I have the big C and am quarantined all the time there is no threat to anyone’s physical health. I can’t say the same for their mental health after spending time with me though!

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Schaun, that’s the spirit, ideas and ideas… Podcast, very interesting, let’s see if anyone responds. It’s a little out of my realm, but has potential. My first year in Ham I listened to a bunch of podcasts. It helped me quite a bit.

Schaun, Jonathan and I had been discussing something similar but I’ll DM you about it to keep from going off topic too far here.

Wayne, I think at this point in the game it may be a good idea to move forward with the assumption that all meetings will be virtual for the remainder of the year. If the club is good with that we can get them on the schedule. Jonathan and I have some testing that needs to be done to identify the issues we had with the Field Day meeting, but we should be able to get that lined out and ready to go again ASAP.

Shane, thank you for opening the discussion here. I think we learned a few things from field day, and the most important of those being that this club can make some pretty dang good lemonade when the world is dishing out the lemons. I’m here to assist however I am needed to help this club move forward through these difficult times.

Neil Poff
All I can say is I’m excited and that’s a bunch for this ol man!!!

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