13 Colonies Special Event Stations

I notice this morning on DXSCAPE Web Cluster that the 13 Colonies SESs are on the air. Guess I will try to work them on CW this year. Go to QRZ to look them up. Extends through July 8, 2020.


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Thanks for sharing! I had heard about that before, hopefully I can get a chance to work them. I’m waiting on a tuner to show up so I can try my new wire antenna.

Exciting, Roger. Hope you get it soon!

I’ve picked up four of them on CW so far and today picked up K2G (Georgia) on CW, FT8, and SSB. It is offering a Triple Play stamp on its QSL card, so that will be fun also.

Should be some other annual summer events coming up hopefully also.


Update. I finished contacting all 13 states and a bonus station in Philadelphia on CW. Still might be able to pick up GB13COL in England before the event ends Tuesday. Most of the CW was very fast. Could not have done it without the help of FLDIGI. But the short exchange I started picking up and being able to hear, especially the “BRRRRP” of the di-di-di-di-dit (number 5) in my call sign at 30 WPM. My distinctive suffix AAJ also stood out. Then it was just matter of sending “R 5NN AR TU.” Response was usually “TU K2x” and then mayhem. LOL.

Half of my QSL cards have already been ready been mailed, and the rest ready. Glad I participated and tried the fast stations. Gives me hope, I’ll be successful with some DXpeditions on CW if they ever resume. And this is an important point. Working the stateside SES or chasing WAS awards is good practice for making DX contacts. You learn to adapt to what each station is doing and start to feel comfortable under pressure.

Seeing someone else do it is not the same. This a learn-by-doing situation. Yep. Everybody makes mistakes. But you learn how to recover and make a go of it. For me, doing it on my own lessens the pressure than having someone stand over my shoulder and prompt. I listen, listen, listen, and get the feel for when I might have opportunity to throw my call out. It’s a good feeling when I hear it coming back to me.

I also played with using XIT (transmit incremental tuning) to offset my transmit frequency about .30 kHz up. That seemed to give really good results. Just like working other DX stations or contests, you don’t want to be transmitting on the calling station’s frequency if it’s crazy busy. I would zero beat the CW signal and then turn on the XIT. XIT is nice because you don’t have to fool with entering a separate split frequency in the radio split function. XIT transmits up to 9.99 kHz up or down without changing the receive frequency. RIT (receive incremental tuning) works the other way, changing the receive frequency without changing the transmit frequency.

Any operating tips or suggestions welcome!

Have fun and 73!


Congrats Scott! I’ve got 7 stations in the log here, all SSB. 10m opened up this morning and I was able to get through pretty easily.

Since I don’t do CW or digital yet, some stations have been a challenge to try and find on voice.

It’s been fun putting the 718 to use and try out different bands with my new vertical antenna.

This is awesome, Roger! Congrats to you too. Sounds like your vertical is working well. Real treat to find stations on 10 and 6m anytime.

Remember 20m is good during the day for distance. As you get into nightfall, 40m and even 80m “go long” and 20m usually weakens at some point during the night, although in the summer with long days, it may stay good until midnight.

I am listening to 7.180 now and you can hear guys working GB13COL in England. That signal will strengthen this evening. I am looking for it on CW, but may have to catch it midday tomorrow on 20m.

Use the webclusters. They help sometime. I like the features of DXheat.

Good luck and 73!

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Last update. Have received confirm via card or LOTW on all 13 states for CW! Also got the bonus station in Philadelphia. Picked up the GB13col for the first time, but on FT8. I had a triple play on two states: Rhode Island and Georgia.

Fun event. Will look forward to next year. It was a good skill builder for me making the CW contacts.


Congrats on getting confirmations and completing the series, and on CW no less :fireworks: :radio_tower: :fireworks:

Thanks for the fireworks, Greg. LOL